Paris-La Rochelle in 1 hour 15 minutes!

From next spring, a daily flight will link Paris and La Rochelle in just 1 hour 15 minutes. All the more reason to come and enjoy the benefits of a stay in our La Rochelle hotel…

For many years, we have been hoping for the reinstatement of a regular airline service between La Rochelle and Paris. Friday 13th April 2018 will see the first ATR 72-600 plane take off in the morning from La Rochelle’s airport… destination Paris Orly, with a return flight scheduled for late afternoon. Until 27th October, there will be daily flights from the capital city of Charente Maritime to the French capital. Every day of the week*, Saturday and Sunday included, all kinds of travellers will be able to make the trip La Rochelle-Paris or Paris-La Rochelle, on board a 72-seater plane. Operated by ‘Hop! Air France’, with fares starting at a mere € 49 euros, companies, families, students or groups will all have the opportunity to visit, or even revisit La Rochelle. It goes without saying that future French and foreign visitors to our city and region will be delighted with this new transportation offer that will put Paris Orly at only 1 hour 15 minutes from La Rochelle-Île de Ré airport.
All the more reason to book your seats now on this new route and stay at our hotel in La Rochelle.  * Monday to Friday: 10.55 depart La Rochelle – 12.20 arrive Paris Orly 15.20 depart Paris Orly – 16.45 arrive La Rochelle 


08.30 depart La Rochelle – 09.55 arrive Paris Orly

10.35 depart Paris Orly – 12.00 arrive La Rochelle



11.05 depart La Rochelle – 12.30 arrive Paris Orly

15.20 depart Paris Orly – 16.45 arrive La Rochelle


Flights can now be booked via the websites: and

(Published on February 13, 2018)



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