One for all, all for One

Partners of the Rupella La Rochelle basketball, Cosy Hotels were represented with dignity during an annual tournament uniting a dozen of teams. 


Composed of Mary, Maeva, Ann, Marlène, Solenne, Filippos, Hervé, Mathieu and Kandjoura, the Cosy Hotels team had proud pace during this tournament of the Rupella partners wich had as frame this year the prestigious sports complex of Five La Rochelle; Collaborating on the daily within Masqhotel, Hotel Saint Nicolas and B&B hotel, the team mates of Matthieu, night clerk but also outstanding basketball player, had this evening in heart there to carry the banner high"Cosy Hotels"."We a bit trained before tournament and it carried his fruits during the first meeting", explains the captain of evening. Encouraged by some of their working colleagues, the girls and boys defending the colours of our hotels of La Rochelle did not prove themselves unworthy throughout this very convivial competition. Failing threes mall points during the first confrontation, Cosy Hotels lost both following parts before conquering their last adversaries. Honour was safe but especially, all left again with shared memories.

(Published on May 11, 2017)




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