La Rochelle in top form

Cosy Hotels celebrate a winning partnership by welcoming the Rupella Basket 17 players… a team well on the way to winning the championship.

On this, the first day of spring, Cosy Hotels were delighted to welcome several high-level athletes (tall enough to touch the ceiling!) to the VIP lounge in one of their La Rochelle hotels. As a partner of the city’s basketball team for the last 2 years, Cosy Hotels decided to invite these ‘giant’ La Rochelle sportsmen along with other supporters of this ever-popular game. With only a few games remaining until the end of the season, the players and coach of Rupella Basket 17 have the right to look smug… as the team has every chance of winning the championship! With team building ‘logic’ games organised by local event agency ‘In Situ’, drinks served by the famous bar La Guignette and a cocktail offered by our La Rochelle hotel, a great atmosphere was guaranteed! In a few weeks, we will undoubtedly be celebrating a final victory… a victory synonymous with promotion to the top division. A decidedly winning partnership!

(Published on March 22, 2018)




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