The Hermione in La Rochelle

The Hermione, a perfect replica of the majestic frigate which sailed across the Atlantic to help the American rebels win their independence, will be making a stop-over at the port of la Rochelle before beginning a new maritime tour. Anchored only a few cable-lengths from our La Rochelle hotel, a visit is a must.

Three years ago, she set sail on her ‘maiden’ voyage to America to commemorate the Atlantic crossing undertaken by the original Hermione. This ship, with General Lafayette aboard, was sent to assist the Americans in their attempt to drive out the English occupants from their land and her namesake is now, once again, preparing to leave her moorings. Known as ‘Freedom Together – From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean’, this 2018 francophone tour will see this majestic 3-masted vessel head to Tangier in Morocco before sailing on to several Mediterranean ports. Until then, from the 31st January to the 21st February, the ‘freedom frigate’ will be making a stop-over at La Rochelle in the Chalutiers dock to finish the preparations for her voyage. The public will not only have the opportunity to watch the crew training, but will also be able to admire both the exterior and interior of this mythical ship. Make the most of this rare opportunity!  

If you have organised a stay at our la Rochelle hotel during the first 3 weeks of February, you can reserve your guided visit online at under the heading ‘Visiter’.

(Published on January 23, 2018)



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