Paris to La Rochelle at High Speed!

Following the recent inauguration of the LGV (High Speed rail line ), it is now possible to travel from Paris-Montparnasse to the centre of La Rochelle in a mere two and a half hours. An excellent time saving for those staying in our La Rochelle hotel.

Twice a day, from Monday to Thursday, a TGV leaves La Rochelle’s majestic SNCF train station (at 07:06 and 17:01) and arrives two and a half hours later in the heart of the French capital. The service in the opposite direction, from Paris to La Rochelle also operates Monday to Thursday leaving Montparnasse at 17:27. Until the inauguration of this significant time-saving LGV service in late August, the same journey took more than 3 hours. The new train service is direct with no stops, not even at Poitiers. From the 2nd July, prior to the inauguration, travellers were already able to take advantage of two other Paris-La Rochelle trains, which have subsequently been maintained, leaving Paris at 15:46 on Fridays and Sundays. There is surely now the temptation to prolong the Summer into September by booking a seat on the Friday afternoon train leaving Paris, arriving in La Rochelle before the sun sets some 2h 30m later. And don’t forget that our La Rochelle hotel is only a few minutes from the train station!

Monday to Thursday

La Rochelle-Paris:

Departure 7:06 – Arrival 9:34

Departure 17:01 – Arrival 19:34


Paris-La Rochelle:

Departure 17:27 – Arrival 19:53

Fridays and Sundays

Paris-La Rochelle :

Departure 15:46 – Arrival 18:16

(Published on August 29, 2017)




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