Our local dinosaurs

La Rochelle’s Natural History Museum ‘Le Muséum’ is offering its visitors the opportunity to discover a period of our local history when the Charente-Maritime region was populated by dinosaurs! Simply incredible!


If you have planned to stay in one of our La Rochelle hotels in the near future, the exhibition ‘Dinosaurs, Giants of the vineyard’ will take you on a spectacular journey back in time. 140 million years ago, the north of Aquitaine was simply swamps, lagoons and streams, where fish, turtles and other crocodiles frolicked. However, on the banks, the dinosaurs reigned! Constituting the most amazing paleontological collection in France of the Lower Cretaceous Period, part of the research that has been conducted since the early 2000s in the Charentes region is currently on display at the city’s Natural History Museum. On show, you will find life-size skeletons, reconstructions of the landscape and an excavation area, as well as a 3D film... this exhibition offers visitors the unique opportunity of discovering the wealth of our local paleontological sites. By way of conclusion, the different species and fossils, coupled with moving 3D digital images will transport you to another era… that of the giants of yesteryear.

Don’t forget to ask for an English translation of the exhibition panels, which is available at the Museum reception desk.

(Published on May 12, 2018)



» La Rochelle Museum


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