Masks at the Masq

Since the start of Spring, primitive masks have taken their place in our La Rochelle hotel. These works, produced by a local artist, will be there for all to admire over the next few weeks.

Origine, Eléphant, Oko, Tête d’allumette, Ado, Sigmund pleurein all, some 10 faces, made from materials at odds with their original use, are displayed in the reception area of the Masqhotel. If each has a story, explained alongside, together these masks represent a stage in the artistic life of ‘Flow’, a La Rochelle artist who has often favoured the simplification and destitution of forms in her expression. Today, it is in sheer volume that these oblong faces reveal themselves in our La Rochelle hotel. Displayed throughout the Ouvrage à Cornes, our lounge-bar, the masks seem to call out and their voices echo…around the Masqhotel. These sculptures await your discovery if you’re passing by or staying with us. You might even decide to acquire one!

(Published on May 14, 2018)




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