La Rochelle… ever more beautiful and better protected

Following Xynthia, the storm that caused considerable damage when it hit our coast in 2010, significant works are being undertaken in our maritime city. At only a few hundred metres from our La Rochelle hotel, the Gabut, a colourful tourist district, is currently taking on a new look!

Intended to protect the various districts of La Rochelle from any future storms that may possibly be more devastating than Xynthia, flood-prevention measures that include cofferdams and anti-return valves are currently being installed between the city’s weather station in the Minimes district and one of the city squares Commandant de la Motte, which is located between the Masqhotel and Saint Nicolas Hotel. Specifically designed to protect the Gabut district, these defence works should be completed by April of this year. They include a combination of small walls and movable elements, some of which are integrated into street furniture, that will encircle the north-side of the quay and Armide Square. As of Spring, a system of pivoting check valves will preserve the picturesque view of the port and allow a better access to the terraces of the various bars and restaurants in the district. This new promenade, which runs the length of the channel to the Old Port, ending at the 2 emblematic Towers, will provide both locals and visitors to La Rochelle with the opportunity for a delightful stroll or short bike ride.

(Published on January 18, 2018)




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