Julie and the Chocolate Factory!


After the luxury hotels of Paris and a spell in California, for the past several years, Julie Béchet has been showing off her culinary talents in La Rochelle. Today, both locals and visitors to the city drool over her chocolate, created in her own little ‘chocolate factory’, located just a stone’s throw away from our hotel in La Rochelle.

Everything is fresh… everything is homemade, everything is organic and, of course, everything is delicious at La Cabosse enchantée (‘the enchanted cocoa pod’). At number 8 rue du Cordouan, Julie Béchet conveys her love of chocolate to her clients through creations where raw materials include cocoa, of course, but also, candied pear, Tibetan pepper, Moroccan lemon, rosemary, bergamot, coconut milk…

Julie fell in love with the role of chocolatier during her first job at the famous Bernachon chocolate company in Lyon. Following this, she became a pastry chef, working for several renowned companies, both in Paris then San Francisco. For the past seven years, this energetic young woman has been working for herself, having set up her own chocolate workshop in her family home near La Rochelle. Until recently, she displayed her refined products on La Rochelle market. However, since the start of spring, she now has her very own shopfront, where greedy eyes can have a peek at her ‘laboratory’. A truly designer boutique, La Cabosse enchantée, named after the pod containing the precious cocoa beans, will undoubtedly become

(Published on March 26, 2018)




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