Hervé Bouyssel, new Assistant Manager of Masqhotel

After a first experience at the Saint Nicolas Hotel, then the B&B Hotel, since the start of April, Hervé Bouyssel has been applying all his skills to the Masqhotel, the third link in the Cosy Hotels. At 36 years old, the new Assistant Manager of our La Rochelle hotel has embarked on this next rewarding challenge on what has been a very unusual career path.  

As his parents did not want him to immediately follow his passion for music without having first done some studies, Hervé started with a qualification in patisserie before becoming a sound engineer, then working for a recording studio and an FM radio station. In search of a certain pace of life that is not necessarily associated with this artistic field but which he enjoyed when he worked as a pastry cook, Hervé, who happily describes himself as obstinate and ambitious, then became a bellboy at the prestigious Waldorf Trocadero Hotel in Paris. Gradually, step by step, he worked his way up to Head of Reception of this ‘4-star’ Parisian hotel. Following the birth of his son Ilhan, he and his partner, Jennifer, decided they wanted a better quality of life. So, La Rochelle became his home with the Saint Nicolas Hotel being the place where he undertook his first professional experience in our maritime city.


" I was a receptionist for two years there before heading for a new adventure on Ile de Ré where I ran a restaurant. I then went back to the same hotel as night receptionist as well as overseeing internet sales.” With another string to his bow, this born-competitor, who has done motorcycle racing and still enjoys boxing, then became the Manager of the B&B Hotel, another of the Cosy Hotels. "Although it is a great value hotel, it remains a chic property, offering superior amenities to most of the other B&B Hotels… what’s more, it is in a great location." From this hotel to the Masqhotel, there are only a few steps that Hervé has had to cross every day since his appointment as Assistant Manager. It is here that Hervé Bouyssel’s journey continues, assisting the hotel manager and helping each of his employees fulfil their potential at work. And he does it with both tenacity and diligence.

(Published on May 15, 2017)




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