Breakfast at the Masqhotel: happiness never tasted so good!

Masqhotel breakfasts have become a 'must'... not to be missed under any circumstance! From the homemade patisseries and homemade smoked salmon to high quality local products, this breakfast is proof that the first experience of the day can also be the best.... to be enjoyed WITHOUT moderation!

Whilst the apple cake is cooking in the oven, the finely sliced smoked salmon finishes marinating in Île de Ré salt. The kitchen in our La Rochelle hotel seems to be more and more like a 'laboratory' for exquisite taste. It is here that Graziella, with the help of Céline, puts together both sweet and savoury delights, often adapting certain traditional recipes. The aim is that when our hotel guests arrive in the breakfast room, they are greeted by a veritable array of flavours and homemade goodies! From the hot buffet including sausages, bacon and fresh omelette, to the sweeter side with almond croissants or coconut cake... breakfast has undergone an amazing transformation over the last few months.


"It has been a conscious decision to ensure that as much as possible is homemade and that we use more and more local producers such as for our yoghurts, cheeses and oysters" says Graziella, who, each morning, along with Celine, aims to provide a wonderful gastronomic experience to those who choose to start their day with this delicious breakfast. Graziella barely has the time to read a few of the flattering reviews posted on the net before she's already thinking about her next recipe produced from the remaining pastries and fromage blanc... this will not only delight the Masqhotel's guests but will continue to make breakfast a moment of pure happiness.

(Published on May 2, 2017)




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