A festive air in La Rochelle

On Wednesday 21st June, throughout France, the Fête de la Musique brings together amateur and professional musicians to the delight of the general public. Since the festival began in 1982, the City of La Rochelle has participated in this annual celebration of music when both groups and soloists perform throughout the city, creating a festive atmosphere and… just stone's throw away from our La Rochelle hotel.


In the city’s squares, lanes, pedestrianised streets and even on pavements.... on 21st June, music is king everywhere, as artists, either singing or instrument in hand, settle in for the evening. To make sure that all artists wishing to perform are able to do so in the best conditions, each group or soloist has to pinpoint several possible locations for their performance... so that on the day itself they can set up in a place free of other artists and ensure everyone gets to be heard! The cafés, restaurants and boutiques, benefitting from a street front location, will also have a role in the evening’s proceedings, allowing artists to play on their terraces or in front of their shop windows. With the emphasis on acoustic music, the entertainment planned around the Old Port and the nearby streets should delight both locals and visitors to La Rochelle. Why not join in?

(Published on June 6, 2017)




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