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Credits & Legal Terms

Credits & Legal Terms


S.A.R.L. GESTOTEL au capital de 134 962.50 €
6 rue du Rempart St-Claude - 17000 La Rochelle
RCS: LR B 320 343 619
VAT: FR 71 320 343 619
Website: www.gestotel.com

Privacy policy

The Masq hotel will not obtain personal or private information from you unless you complete and submit an online form from its Web site (masqhotel.com). Submitted information is held in the strictest confidence and is never sold or distributed outside of the Masq hotel. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, send an e-mail to info@masqhotel.com

Compliance with copyright

The elements you see, hear or read on the Best Western Masqhotel's Web site, as well as the Web site's form and substance, are subject to copyright protection. In no event may you use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, distort, or transmit the Web site or any of its elements, such as text, images or sounds without the prior written permission of the Masq hotel.


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