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Ré, Aix and Oléron, pearls of the Atlantic

Ré, Aix and Oléron, pearls of the Atlantic

Saturday, April 3, will mark the beginning of school holidays. For the ships of the Rochelaise company Croisières inter-îles, it will be the top start to embark again Rochelais and visitors of our city, towards one of the three major islands of La Charente-Maritime: Ré, Aix or Oléron. The one-hour La Rochelle-Saint Martin de Ré crossing allows, for example, 100 passengers and a maximum of 30 bicycles to travel the 20 kilometres that separate the two boat points and enjoy rides on the bike paths. Same pleasure of the (re)discovery with the connections provided by the green and blue cruise ships between the Old Port of Rochelais and those of Aix, Boyardville or Saint-Denis-d'Oléron. Internationally renowned, Fort Boyard even unveils its attire on the occasion of the commented maritime trips that come to flirt with this emblematic monument of our Atlantic coast.

Connected to the mainland via the bridges, Oléron and Ré are "two-speed" islands, on which stand the old huts of fishing with the tiles and an aquaculture of the most modern, where visitors are encouraged to massively cross the bridges for better cycling once on the spot, where the seaside seduces while the interior of the land and villages is offered only to the eyes of the curious. The preservation of the island’s identity is a matter of constant vigilance. For Aix, another Atlantic island set a short distance from the Old Port of La Rochelle, authenticity seems guaranteed by the absence of a bridge between it and the mainland. Surrounding the pertuis of Antioch, Oléron, Ré and Aix are worth more than a glance.

In Ré, everything encourages the visitor to let go of the steering wheel of his car to grab the handlebars of a bicycle. First the platitude of the place. From Rivedoux to Saint-Clément, one only gains altitude by climbing the 250 steps of the Lighthouse of the Whales or by reaching the black and white arrow of the bell tower of the church of Ars serving as bitterness to the sailors. The 100 km of bike paths also push to the pedal to trace straight in the salt marshes on the side of Loix, flirt with the rocks of the coast and the quays of the delicious port of Saint-LaurentMartin, intrude into the privacy of the round dunes and alleys of the village of La Flotte. Classified Natural Site, Re also offers to the look its houses color nature. Green for the shutters as for the rolls of the beach of the Conche. White for walls and salt labeled Loix. Ochre for tiles and ploughed fields. Due north, the town of Les Portes was made resort for celebrities and "finish line" bucolic stroll. The Ocean calls.. Set a course for the cousin islands!

Oleron, the largest island on the Atlantic coast, has let itself be tamed to the south and offers to the north its wild swell for lovers of gliding. The castle, fortified by Vauban like many defence buildings distributed in chapels off the Charente-Maritime, defies the winds and the Atlantic tides. At its feet, oyster farmers leave their colorful huts, use the channels to approach their oyster farms, as did their fathers and grandfathers before them. The pleasure of Oleronais is to make your way through the oyster ponds, through the pine forests and on the crest of the dunes to better appreciate the languor of the large sandy beaches defying the horizon. Due east, by taking the Route de l'Oyster, one reaches the state forest of Saumonards and an unruly nature. Fort Boyard will be for later, after having tasted the Breton moors that line the outskirts of the lighthouse of Chassiron and the tranquility of Chaucre, village that knew how to protect itself from all the aggressions. Fort Boyard therefore, that we have the right to watch but not touch, then Aix, a haven of peace that we can only dock.

Less than 3 kilometers long, Aix, fortified from the seventeenth century to establish the defensive process of the department, remains today the only island in the region not to be connected to the continent. Accessible from the Pointe de la Fumée located in the municipality of Fouras, the beautiful Aixoise seduces from the start with its calm and soft landscapes. The walk, on foot or by bike, serves as an inventory of the island, with its meadows, oak and pine woods, marshes, coves and beaches. We are far from the ancestral Anglo-French conflicts that Aix witnessed, but very close to Napoleon. If a street, a hotel and a museum still bear the name of the Emperor, it is because the most famous of the Corsicans stayed there before taking the path of exile and dying on another island, that of Saint Helena, on May 5, 1821 at 5:49 exactly, time at which all the clocks of Napoleon’s Aix-en-Provence residence stopped. It is time to find the shuttle and leave Aix to its old-fashioned charm.

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Ré, Aix and Oléron, pearls of the Atlantic
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