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La Rochelle's museums, part of the history of our maritime city

The La Rochelle Museum, the New World Museum, the Maritime Museum: all these places of culture and discovery are part of La Rochelle's heritage, in the same way as the historic heart of our true "museum city".

Going from museum to museum in La Rochelle means discovering the rich heritage that has made this city, steeped in history, so internationally renowned. The Towers and quays of the Old Port, the arcaded streets, the listed covered market and the Old Clock will all appear as you walk along before diving into other places steeped in La Rochelle's rich past: the New World Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Maritime Museum. While discovering the exhibitions and events on offer, you will be able to take advantage of the extraordinary spaces and testimonies of the great pages of the city's history offered to your gaze and your curiosity.

The Art and History Museums (Musée du Nouveau Monde and Musée des Beaux-Arts, the latter currently closed for renovation) are perfect examples. Housed in exceptional private mansions, they offer permanent exhibitions in which the works often illustrate the links that the city has forged with the world through the travels of rich merchants and renowned discoverers over the centuries. The Musée du Nouveau Monde* is a privileged witness to the relations between France and the Americas, La Rochelle having been one of the main ports of trade and emigration to New France and the West Indies. For its part, the Natural History Museum** offers a fabulous journey to the heart of the natural heritage by exhibiting, through a modern and interactive museography, nearly 10,000 objects from the naturalist and ethnographic collections gathered since the 18th century. The Maritime Museum***, for its part, bears witness to La Rochelle's maritime past, notably through the exhibitions it offers, including the long-running exhibition entitled Climat Océan, which provides a better understanding of the seas and oceans and the dangers that threaten them.

A'musées workshops at the New World Museum, exhibitions and activities on the bear, between myths and realities, at the Natural History Museum, tours of old sailing ships at the Maritime Museum and along the Bassin des Chalutiers, etc.: families are invited to visit these places of identity all year round, and will be particularly spoilt for choice during the Easter holidays. So take advantage of it with your children!

On the deck of the France 1 with the Eductour

Eager to learn about the tourist attractions of La Rochelle, eight Cosy Hotels employees, representing several departments such as reception and breakfast, responded on 6 March to the call of the Eductour to visit the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle and to climb aboard the France 1, a former "weather boat" converted into a bar-restaurant-reception area.


*Information and reservations: 05 46 51 51 45 / 06 72 58 55 92 / www.museedunouveaumonde.larochelle.fr

**Information and reservations: 05 46 41 18 25 / www.museum.larochelle.fr

***Information and reservations: 05 46 28 03 00 / www.museemaritimelarochelle.fr

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