Running in the heart of La Rochelle

With a route that passes through the centre of our Maritime city, only a few steps from our La Rochelle hotel, the traditional Half Marathon, which is already ‘sold out’, takes place on Sunday 29th March and will, no doubt, attract thousands of spectators.

In 2019, the La Rochelle Half Marathon celebrated its 40thanniversary, with a record-breaking 2,500 participants. For the 2020 version of this 21-kilometre race, the organisers have once again confirmed a sell-out event. On 29th March, at 9.15 am sharp, the 2,400 runners, a third of which are women, will start on a course which includes two loops around the main streets of La Rochelle before passing along the Mail, criss-crossing the city centre and then passing back along the Mail, which is considered by many to be La Rochelle’s most majestic road. Along the length of the route, crowds will be there to encourage both professional and amateur competitors, all adding to the festive atmosphere.

As is often said, La Rochelle is a ‘green’ and sports orientated city par excellence. People run, sail and cycle here all year round and these ‘soft’ journeys are an envied way of life. Come and try for yourself during your next stay at our hotel in La Rochelle.