The Secrets of the Mysterious Island

You only have to cross a bridge to go from the La Rochelle to Ile de Ré but you would have to travel some 13,500 kilometres to set foot on Easter Island. However, located just a few steps from our hotel in La Rochelle, the city’s Natural History Museum is currently offering you the opportunity to discover a little more about this mysterious isolated piece of land.

Its true name being Rapa Nui, Easter Island seems to have been cultivating its secrets since the start of time. Lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island begs the question... Who were its first inhabitants? What do these great phantasmagorical stone sculptures represent? What is this strange writing carved onto tablets? How did this forest-covered island become inhospitable moorland? Through the exhibition entitled ‘Easter Island, navel of the world?’ which has been labelled as an ‘Exhibition of National Interest’ by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, part of the veil has been lifted off this island which has fascinated and fed the imagination of men since it was first discovered. So, if you are staying in our hotel in La Rochelle, between now and September, head for La Rochelle’s Natural History Museum to learn more about the culture, inhabitants and biodiversity of this ‘mysterious island’.

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