Sport… taking it seriously!

Whether for training purposes, to take your mind off things or to simply enjoy some physical exercise, our La Rochelle hotel has a ‘professional’ gym for guest use.

Open 24/7, and free to hotel guests, the gym available in our Cosy hotels, offers all the advantages of a professional fitness facility. A multi-function treadmill which can mimic wind resistance, as if running by the sea, an exercise bike which generates electricity when you pedal, fully-equipped exercise benches… the equipment is efficient, easy to use and fully complies with the latest standards. In addition, there are dumbells, exercise balls, exercise mats, wall bars and resistance bands, offering a multitude of ways to get up a sweat and all for a good cause… keeping you in shape! This facility is a veritable asset, responding to the demands of certain hotel guests, and is proof that we continue to do our utmost to meet the needs of those who choose to stay in our hotels.