Objective zero carbon

With the project ‘La Rochelle Region Zero Carbon’, our city wants everyone, whether businesses, residents or visitors, to participate to ensure that La Rochelle becomes the first French ‘zero carbon’ urban coastal zone by 2040. Naturally, our hotels in La Rochelle intend being important actors in this initiative.

With its success in last year's national call for projects entitled ‘Regions of Innovation’, the City of La Rochelle will be able to strengthen its initiative in terms of sustainable development, which it originally initiated a long time ago. Whilst efforts will continue in the areas of soft mobility, the energy-efficient renovation of housing and the circular economy, everyone living in, or passing through, La Rochelle needs to show a willingness to reduce their ecological footprint. Choosing modes of transport with the lowest possible carbon emissions (buses, bicycles etc.), buying local products and reducing packaging, reducing energy consumption and using digital technology responsibly are all ways of participating in the collective effort to make La Rochelle a model for the preservation of our planet. The initiatives undertaken by Cosy Hôtels are certainly moving in the right direction.

For further information www.larochellezerocarbone.fr