La Rochelle... even more beautiful in 2020!

As the emblematic 'postcard' image of our maritime city, the Historic Port of La Rochelle will continue its beautification this year, and other projects in the pipeline will also ensure that the city is made ever more attractive.


Throughout this year, the heart of our maritime city will undergo various improvement worksmaking La Rochelle more beautiful, more modern, more functional. The Historic Port, for example, will continue to see its appearance evolve quay by quay. At the beginning of 2020, it is the turn of le Quai Duperré, opposite the two historic towers, which is designated for pedestrians and bicycles and will undergo a complete makeover, both above and below ground.


Around the bay at Port-Neuf as at the four cardinal points of the city,the cycle path network will continue its expansion, enabling both locals and visitors alike to cycle around our maritime city in a more enjoyable fashion. Furthermore, to better welcome our visitors, the area around the mainline station, located a stone’s throw away from our hotel in La Rochelle, will also be subject to improvement works that should be completed in the next few months. Until then... we wish you a happy and healthy New Year, with plenty of memorable stays in La Rochelle!