10th Edition of a festival for the planet

Resistance and Resilience: for its 10th Edition, the objective of La Rochelle’s Terre et Lettres (Earth and Letters) event is to alert everyone to the dramatic changes that our planet is undergoing. As always, our hotel in La Rochelle is a partner of the event.

Free, and open to all, over a period of 4 days (from 26th - 29th April), at the Michel-Crépeau Médiathèque (media library) there will be conferences, screenings and interactive workshops, and the participation of several authors and actors from the field of ecology. Resistance… to limit ecological disasters and Resilience… to continue to live as civilised humans: two words that will be repeated during the various debates of this 10th Edition of the Terre et Lettres event organised in La Rochelle. This year’s ‘Festival for the Planet’, led by 30 key personalities, will include 4 documentaries, and 6 conferences and workshops. As a forerunner in many ecological initiatives, our maritime city has always made sustainable development a priority. A partner by conviction, our hotel in La Rochelle will welcome writers, directors and members of the organising team who will have only a few steps to walk to the site of this annual event.

More information on www.terre-et-lettres.org