Coutanceau, awarded ‘3 Michelin Stars’

Both the City of La Rochelle and Cosy Hotels are proud of the third Michelin Star obtained, earlier this year, by Chef Christopher Coutanceau. A La Rochelle local, he is now definitely part of the elite in the world of French gastronomy, being 1 of only 28 holders of the ‘three stars’.

Coming from a family of talented chefs, Christopher Coutanceau firstly completed his apprenticeship working alongside some of the greats, such as Michel Guérard, Ferran Adrià and Guy Martin. At the tender age of 22, Christopher, whose brother Gregory is also a ‘starred’ chef, opened his first restaurant in La Rochelle, before joining his father Richard at Coutanceau, the Michelin 2-star restaurant located at La Concurrence beach, only a short walk from our hotel in La Rochelle. A few years later he took over the running of this restaurant, and it is with this family-owned restaurant that he obtained the award.

A strong advocate of environmentally-friendly cuisine and the sustainability of marine reserves, this ‘chef- cum-fisherman’, as he likes to describe himself, had already won an award from the famous Michelin ‘red guide’ back in 2019, in the category ‘Sustainable Gastronomy’. With this third star, Chef Christopher Coutanceau and his team are taking the values of sustainable developmentto a higher level, values which are so important to our maritime city and our Hotel Group. They are undoubtedly the best publicity for gastronomy ‘Made in La Rochelle’...